Whether you want protection for your home, apartment or even a small business, the security systems from P&P Security will fulfill your home security needs and most importantly, fit your budget.

Here are just a few of the reasons to trust your home security with a system from P&P Security:

• 25 Years of Uncompromising TRUST

• The BEST Prices – Compare & Save!

• The BEST Products – Tried and Tested

• Frontrunners in State-of-the-art technology

• 24/7 Wireless Monitoring Capabilities

• Manufacturers Warranty

• Savings on Your Home Insurance

• Peace of Mind

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P&P’s Technical division offers a total security solution and installs, maintains and monitors electronic intruder alarms and surveillance systems to suit corporate and residential requirements.

We offer and install a wide variety of Alarms Systems, CCTV, CCTV Surveillance, Access Control Systems, Intercoms, Public Address Systems and Electric Fencing.

Intruder Detection

P&P Technical uses the leading manufacturer in award winning security products, which means “PEACE OF MIND” to all our customers.

These systems generally comprise of a control panel (the brain of the system) an operating keypad, through which commands to the control panel are generated. To ensure the system is as secure as possible various passive infrared detectors and magnetic door contacts are added.

These products are mostly for indoor application but outdoor detectors are available and are a popular addition to any client’s home protection.

Fixed panic buttons can also be placed at strategic places throughout the premises for use in cases of personal attack or where prompt reaction is required from our 24 hour emergency centre.

Other Products & Specialised Services:

• Closed circuit television – CCTV
• Access control systems
• Biometric time and attendance
• Intercom systems & Gate Automation
• Guard management systems
• Electric Fencing
• Public address systems
• Maintenance, System support and Customised solutions.

IP/HD vs Traditional CCTV Resolution

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