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Imagine an environment without a uniformed security guard…


Well….Think again !

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Frontrunners on New Surveillance Methods & Technology

A cutting edge security solution that will enable a sophisticated surveillance centre to view, monitor and analyse video footage of your premises remotely. This is done either through the internet or via the P&P Security wireless network using state of the art surveillance management systems.

This advanced security solution will also enable clients to view their premises and assets from anywhere in the world!

Why Off Site Video Surveillance?

• Cost effective – Reduces the amount of on-site security personnel

• Quality Control – Virtual guard supervision and access control

• Eliminates the human element – corruption, bribery, lack of training etc.

• 24 hour vigilance – CCTV system is monitored and analysed continuously

• Total Recall – 100% accurate comprehensive reports for internal investigations, disciplinary enquiries or health and safety audits

• Highly skilled control room personnel analyse video footage while having access to fire, emergency, reaction and police services

Why P&P Security Surveillance?

• 20+ years of experience in the industry

• Unique installation techniques by in house technicians

• Tailor made security solutions

• Affordable CCTV products – IP and Analogue

• Exceptional after sales and system growth

• Extensive Wireless Network Footprint

• Multiple Brand Accredited

• Frontrunners on New Surveillance Methods


If it’s a small residential CCTV system you require or a sophisticated IP solution – P&P surveillance offers an in house CCTV installation service where highly skilled teams install the specified surveillance product.

With our vast experience in the field, each installation’s objective is to provide the most effective system possible without breaking the bank.

It is with this philosophy that we build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Extensive Wireless Network Footprint

With our own wireless network we can connect your CCTV system to our control centre with ease (footprint dependent) other connections  include ADSL and APN solutions.

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