P&P Security offers a range of customized Security Guard services that suit all types of businesses. Our Guarding is continually supported by 24-hour Control Centre and Armed Response back-up as well as a comprehensive infrastructure which, depending on your requirements, may include CCTV and customizable Access Control.

Available Security Guard Services

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We will tailor-make the ideal Guarding Package for your business by sending in our security experts.

These professionals will undertake site assessment, needs analysis, incident reporting and the initiation of preventative systems on an ongoing basis for your premises.

All Security Guards are issued with a full uniform and in order to ensure attendance, sobriety, and smartness, our Security Guards are paraded and inspected before and after working-shifts during which all duty orders and complaints are noted. To ensure that all posts are manned we provide transport for all Security Guards to and from their points of duty.

This eliminates the menace of intimidation and delay when having to use public transport. A further benefit is a comfort in the knowledge that your premises are always properly protected by the correct complement of Security Guards at all times.

Security Officers on duty are issued with portable two-way radios on sites where base station radios are not installed. The Guard Division operates on its own radio frequency which is monitored by our Control Centre andArmed Reaction Units.

Remote panic button system and Guard Patrol Systems are also linked and monitored by the Control Centre.

Armed Reaction Units are used to visit all the guarding sites in the area allocated to the specific unit. This also enables the Armed Reaction Unit to help in an emergency or any other problem.

Supervisors are deployed in dedicated areas. These supervisors regularly visit the client’s premises and liaise with clients to ensure that all the client’s needs are met.

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