All Armed Reaction Units are in contact with our 24 hour Control Centre. These units respond to and investigate alarm and panic signals received by the Control Centre.

They also visit Guarding personnel on sites and assist the Guard Division in an emergency. Our uniformed response officers are armed and of a high calibre.

All Reaction Vehicles are tracked to maintain high service levels and minimum reaction times

Tactically Advanced Response Units are used to react to confirmed incidents monitored by our Remote Video Surveillance Centre (footprint dependant)

They have a thorough knowledge of:

  • Their powers of arrest under Section 42 (3) of the Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977

  • Crime prevention

  • First aid and basic fire fighting

  • Protection of information

  • Hot-Spot Identification

All units are fully equipped to manage call out situations and assist by any means possible

Making use of motorcars, bakkies and 4×4 vehicles the Armed Reaction Division can enter any area with ease.

Vehicles are also used to patrol perimeters of large factories, premises, plots, private enclosed areas and golf courses.

0 minutes
We strive to arrive at any problem point within seven minutes after receiving the radio call from the Control Centre.
image displays injured p&p security guard

Security guard at a local business was shot during an armed robbery – 6 suspects entered the premises demanding cash etc. the security reacted and tried to take one of the suspects firearm from him, a struggle ensued and the security guard was shot in the arm by another suspect – the suspects then fled and were apprehended 2 hours later by P&P reaction units and SAPS after receiving a hot tip on the whereabouts of the suspects.

image displays 3 p7p security officers arresting criminal

Suspect was arrested after he was seen by surveillance analysts breaking through a precast perimeter wall gaining access to an abattoir trying to steal meat – the security guards on site were informed and the suspect escaped through the hole he created only to find reaction units waiting for him.

image displays 2 suspects arrested by p&p security guards

Two suspects were arrested after stealing copper cable at a local unoccupied industrial site, reaction officers noticed the suspects loading copper cable into a vehicle- when the officers stopped to question the suspects they tried to flee but were caught – the damage to the premises were estimated to be R350K

image displays where thieves have broken into safe with hydraulics

Suspects tried to remove a safe – but were seen by surveillance analysts – it was later established that the suspects were assisted by employees of the company

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